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=========================== Fairy Tale Help: Magic ===========================
On Fairytail MUSH everyone is expected to use magic at some point. Over
normal skills and attributes, magic can give you an edge. You have to
practice magic in order to gain magic strength which increases the points and
ranking of your magic abilities. Magic is everywhere in the Earth Land and
especially in Fiore. The thing to remember is that how you develop your magic
skill will greatly affect your future in Earth Land.

Magic is divided into two types: caster and holder. Your first task is to
create your own magic style that is known as caster magic. This style can be
anything you want. What's important is that you start with two abilities.
These abilities are stored in your magic style. They function as spells and
can be used for attack, defense, or to determine the outcome of a neutral
action. Either way, magic is pretty cool. Think about the type of magic you
want to use.

After creating your magic style in Chargen you should use the +sheet command
to check your player's status. For more detailed information about your magic
type +magic

There are a few special types of magic available for purchase outside of CG
also, they are as follows.

Healing Magic - Very rarely will a style have the capabilities to heal others
and yourself. This type of magic deals with both health and fatigue

Shield Magic - A little more common than healing magic, shielding allows a
barrier to be placed around others or yourself to help absorb damage.

Lastly it is possibly get gain singular special abilities regardless of
style. Such things would normally require some kind of set-up TP before
purchase and approval of the ability.

The higher the rank desired, the more rigorous the demands for the ability
would be.

Any questions should be directed towards Squishy.

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