=========================== Fairy Tale Help: Theme ===========================

Fairytail is set in the town of Magnolia in the western most peninsula of
Earth Land, called Fiore. The time period is 1000 years ago when Magnolia was
a small town and not the big city (as depicted in the story Fairy Tail by
Hiro Mishima).

Countries of this old world don't have well defined borders. People are
starting to look for wider leadership. There are many independent areas where
people thrive without outside control. Most towns are villages. There are
some feudal lords but not many. Rare cities exist also known as trade towns
like Magnolia.

You are starting fresh as a mage that is developing their own magical style
and abilities to interact with other mages. There is a very modest economy in
Magnolia based on the exchange of jewels. Items are sold that store magic but
strong items are rare. It is up to you to decide what purpose magic has for

See +help magic for more information.

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