Archene D'Night
Archene D'Night somewhere in a dark night.
Character Information
Hometown Unknown
Age 17
Gender Male
Race Human
Guild Shadows of the Night
Height 6'

Archene D'NightEdit


He has grey eyes, and a straight, silver colored hair. His skin is of a pale tone of light brown. He is about 1.80m tall and looks slightly athletic. He is wearing black slacks with extra patches sewn into the bottom, shins, and outer thighs. The stitch is very precise. Belt loops hang metal rings for hooking various equipment. The pants' legs are slightly bell shaped. He is wearing a dark red leather hooded jacket with a simple black shirt underneath it. He also wear black gloves made of a smooth leather-like material. He is wearing common leather shoes.


Have you tried asking him? If yes, you should know what could be here.


... ... too complex and ever changing ... ...


Shadows of the Night


He is known for making invisible batons or swords or versions of those but of shadows.