The town of MagnoliaEdit

This small trading town is located on a shifting border as the nations rise and fall. The sea is nearby to the south, a large woods to the north east. Mountainous terrian west and south west of the town, with peaks high enough to often be covered in snow. The town itself sits on the edge of a lake, helping in the movement of trade goods. Through not a very large town, it has a sizeable population, and a growing number of magic users appearing in the town itself.

Notable LocationsEdit

The town features several notable locations.

Town SquareEdit

Located in the southern half of town, the town square connects the northern market square with the industry area of town and one of the cheaper areas to live. Just south of the square is also another small park.

Market SquareEdit

The market square is home to a number of shops, including a Bookstore, Herbalist, Bakery, Tailor, and several cart vendors for local produce. East of this square is the richer, more expensive homes of the well to do. The lake is just north of this spot.