The following are general descriptions of the skills to help give you an idea of how to use them to help describe or flesh out your character on the Mush.

Academics:This skill represents your general, or maybe even spefic knowledge in things.
Animal-Handling:How well you handle friendly animals and creatures, and your knowledge of them.
Appraisal:The skill to find, or figure, the worth of an object.
Arcane-Knowledge:Knowledge of magic in general.
Brawling:How good you are at hand to hand fighting.
Deception: Your skill in bending or hiding the truth.
Dodge: How good you are at getting out of the way of an attack.
Engineering:Knowledge of mechanical or complex devices and structures.
Fitness: How fit you are, fast, durable. Your overall physical condition.
Gather-Information: The skill of gathering information from sources or locating it.
Haggling: Your skill are lowering prices with a merchant, or raising the selling price.
Invention: Skill in creation of devices or complex things.
Melee: Your skill with melee weapons, like swords or maces.
Perception: Your ability to notice things or your awareness of your surroundings.
Ranged: Ability in ranged weaponry.
Stealth: How well you can blend into the crowd, or shadows.
Survival: Ones ability to survive adverse conditions.
Tracking: Skill in tracking creatures or people through various conditions.

Any skills you take at creation should be backed up in your background. If you've a five in melee, ranged weaponry, brawling, but 0 in fitness, you best explain that despite years of weapon training, you were laided low by a curse that made your body physically frail. Or something like that.

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